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Summer UM Box Enhancements

Posted on: July 14th, 2014 by JIMMY BALL

To everyone who actively uses UM Box, thanks!  If you haven’t used UM Box yet, you are missing out on the benefits of this UM-sponsored cloud storage solution that is an alternative to your USB Drive.  You get 10 GB of storage by default and automatic document versioning.  In addition, you can collaborate with other faculty and students using Box. All UM faculty, staff , and students have access. Log on at using your WebID or review our common questions and answers.

Over the summer, the Office of Information Technology has made some enhancements to UM Box that we want to share, and we have some important reminders that we want to briefly cover.

  • We are raising the default storage to 15 GB.  We have been offering 10 GB for new UM Box accounts since December 2012, but starting in August, we are raising the default to 15 GB.
  • You can request more storage on UM Box – click here!  We understand sometimes 10 GB or even 15 GB isn’t enough.  Use the link above to request more storage to help you with instructional, research or other work related storage needs.
  • Deprovisioning is handled automatically.  When an employee leaves, we send notification to the employee and his/her supervisor, so that files on UM Box can be properly saved, reassigned and deleted.  Our online FAQ should handle most of your questions.
  • Box Sync is your friend, but there are other options.  Box actively promotes Box Sync for replicating content between your computer and the UM Box site.  It is especially handy when syncing between multiple computers. UM Box requires single sign-on, so you only have to remember your WebID and password to gain access.  But not every application that talks to Box supports single sign-on.  In those cases, you can try WebDAV.  WebDAV can even be used to connect your computer to UM Box similar to how you would connect to an external or network drive. Read more about it.


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